Abbot's Hill - Car parking and Site directions

The map below shows the car parking options and walking route to the swimming pool at Abbot’s Hill School.

  • Entrance to the school during the week up untill 7pm is via the main entrance just before the roundabout at Lower Road (HP3 8RS).
  • Entrance after 7pm, at weekends and during crash courses is via the exit route at the junction of Bunkers Lane and High Woodhall Lane.
  • Customers attending lessons at 6pm during the week are asked to park in the Stable car park at all times. All other time slots are asked to park in the Lower car park. All customers may be requested to park in the Stable car park during school events or at busy times. 
  • Follow the red arrows on the map (and signs on the pathway) and walk around to the swimming pool. The walk should take you no longer than 3 - 5 minutes!
  • Please stay on the designated walkways and respect the school grounds. Children are not allowed to run in and around the flower beds and bushes.
  • Exit from the school car park is always via High Woodhall Lane onto Bunkers Lane. 
AHS - Car park